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National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University, Institute of Medicine, Saransk,
The Russian Federation

The paper presents a clinical case of a 14-year-old child with a dermoid cyst of the right testicle. The formation was first detected during a routine check-up in the polyclinic. Then the external genitalia ultrasound examination was repeatedly performed to the patient, which revealed an inhomogeneous echostructure with dimensions of 14 mm, 13.7 mm and 12 mm with a clear, even contour in the upper pole of the right testicle.
The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) did not show an increase in the main tumour markers. The biochemical blood test revealed an insignificant rise in conjugated bilirubin and serum iron.
To clarify the diagnosis, magnetic resonance tomography of the pelvic organs with intravenous contrast was recommended. After examination, the cystic lesion of the right testicle was diagnosed.
After carrying out the necessary additional diagnostic measures (ultrasound examination of the peripheral lymphatic nodes, the abdominal cavity exploration with intravenous contrast enhancement), the child underwent an operation consisting in revising the right half of the scrotum and removing the formation of the right testicle. Intraoperatively, according to the express biopsy test, the dermoid cyst of the right testicle was diagnosed, which was confirmed by the subsequent histological examination. The postoperative period was uneventful. The patient was discharged in satisfactory state.
Thus, the presented clinical observation emphasizes the need to optimize the preventive work of primary care medical personnel for timely diagnosis of tumor processes in the external genital organs, especially in children of puberty.

Keywords: dermoid cyst, testicle, ultrasound, magnetic resonance tomography, child
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