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Republican Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery
The Republic of Tajikistan

The article presents the case of the successful treatment of a female with concomitant left ventricular and liver hydatid disease. Peculiarities of instrumental diagnosis and the chosen surgical approach are given. The patient was carried out step by step echinococcectomy from the left heart ventricle with swabbing of the residual cavity by the omentum on the vascular pedicle, derived through an incision in the diaphragm and echinococcectomy from the liver without capitonnage of the residual cavity. Echinococcectomy was performed on a beating heart, without capitonnage of the intracardiac portion of the fibrous capsule for the myocardial wall plasty that is of great interest to this clinical case. To prevent the development of the left ventricular aneurysm, the residual cavity was swabbed by the omentum strand on the vascular pedicle, derived through the incision in the diaphragm. During the control ECG and echocardiography in the postoperative period, a positive trend towards the disappearance of ischemic lesion was observed as well as increasing the contractility of the left ventricle. Echinococcectomy of the VIII liver segment was performed after 6 months by laparotomy with good immediate and remote results. In the observed period no signs of disease recurrence were revealed.

Keywords: hydatid disease, myocardium, surgical treatment, myocardial wall plasty, echinococcectomy, laparotomy, immediate and remote results
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Information about the authors:
Gulmuradov T.G. A Corresponding Member of the academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, MD, professor, supervisor of the Republican Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery.
Sadriev O.N. A leading researcher of the Republican Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery.
Abdurakhimov Z.Z. MD, professor of the heart surgery department of the Republican Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery.
Aminov R.S. PhD, a physician of the heart surgery department of the Republican Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery.
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