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SBEH "Karpogory regional hospital"
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Osteopoikilosis is considered as a rare form of sclerotic osteodysplasia, characterized by the appearance of multiple discrete round or ovoid radio densities in cancellous bones (epiphysis and metaphysis). Osteopoikilosis is symmetrical with a predominant involvement of the hands, feet, pelvis and proximal femur. The disease is usually asymptomatic, benign bone dysplasia; it does not affect the quality of life of the patient and requires no special treatment. Osteopoikilosis may have a hereditary factor, or occurs sporadically. The leading role in diagnostic belongs to the X-ray diagnostic research. The differential diagnosis with metastases is required. The clinical case of osteopoikilosis, genetically determined, in the stage of spreading of lesions in woman (31 yr.) is presented. The disease was suspected in the prophylactic fluorography, revealed some focal changes in the proximal epiphysis of the humerus. Radiographs of hands, hip and shoulder joints are found clearly delineated focal bone compactions (up to 0,8 cm). The foci were located in the epiphysis, metaphysis and apophyses of long and short tubular bones and cancellous bone of the pelvis and wrists, their number ranged from 2 to 60. Subjective and objective clinical examination of pathological changes of the skeleton did not reveal. The similar hand radiographic changes on radiographs of hands were revealed in the mother of a patient.

Keywords: osteopoikilosis, osteodysplasia, osteosclerosis, bone tumors, bone islands, fluorography, radiographs
p. 566-569 of the original issue
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