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Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University, Lviv,

Urachus is a tubular formation originating from the top of the urinary bladder and directed to the umbilicus between the peritoneum and the transverse fascia of the abdomen. In an embryo, it serves to divert primary urine to the amniotic fluid. In case, if obliteration of the duct does not occur until the birth, various pathological processes can develop in it. The most common abnomalies of urachus reported in adults are an infected urachal cyst and urachal carcinoma. These diagnoses are not always easy to make due to atypical symptoms of their manifestation and the rarity of these diseases just two cases per 100,000 hospitalizations of adults. A 22-year-old man with a subcutaneous abscess and an external fistula located in the umbilical region with redness of the surrounding skin. 16 hours after dissection and drainaging of the abscess, the patients condition worsened, pain in the lower parts of the abdomen began, muscle tension of the anterior abdominal wall and inflammatory changes in blood tests were revealed. The patient was operated on for peritonitis. A two-chambered urachus cyst of the hourglass type, with the formation of a dense consistency calculus in one of the cavities, which perforated into the abdominal cavity This clinical case is of the great interest from the point of view of the atypical course and the treatment of a rather rare anomaly in adults. The publication will remind emergency medicine physicians about the possibility of infected urachus in patients with symptoms of acute abdomen.

Keywords: infected urachal cyst in an adult, complications, acute abdomen, diagnosis, surgical management
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