Year 2021 Vol. 29 No 5




Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine 1, Kiev, Ukraine
Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics 2, Minsk
The Republic of Belarus

Objective. To assess the variability of the anterolateral ligament according to MRT and ultrasonography data and to coordinate it with surgical treatment strategy for its injuries.
Methods. The anterolateral ligament was analyzed on 100 series of MRI images of knee joints without traumatic pathology on Philips Achieva 1.5 T tomograph using the standard research protocol in three mutually perpendicular planes and 150 series of MRT images of knee joints with injuries and without injuries of the anterolateral ligament obtained on different tomographs from 0.2 to 3 Tesla. The quality of visualization of anterolateral ligament separate portions, the number of layers, and the contact with the joint capsule were evaluated. Both knee joints were analyzed by ultrasonography in 30 patients with anterior cruciate ligament injuries of one of the knee-joint and in 30 patients with intact knee-joints.
Results. During the studies in the identification of anterolateral ligament with magnetic resonance tomography (MRT 1.5T) it was revealed at least partially in 92% of cases (in 68% as a two-layer structure; in 24% as a single-layer structure; in 14% as a thickening of the capsule or in 10% as a separate extracapsular structure), ultrasound examination in 100% (the structure was not determined, however, in 26.67% of patients without clinically pronounced pathology of the knee-joint and significant trauma in anamnesis ultrasound scan revealed a violation of the integrity of the cortical layer at the tibial attachment site),
Conclusion. According to MRT and ultrasonography data, the anterolateral ligament is a constant structure of the knee-joint, but very variable in its anatomical parameters, which in some cases may be poorly visualized on MRT, may have a two-layer structure, may be located either extracapsular or as a thickening of the knee-joint capsule. The variability of its anatomical structure makes it impossible to make the theoretical substantiation of the advantages of one separate method of its restoration, but, on the contrary, justifies a differentiated approach to the selection of optimal surgical treatment.

Keywords: anterolateral ligament, anterolateral complex, knee joint, rotational instability, MRT, ultrasonography, surgical treatment
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Poliachenko Iurii V., MD, Professor, Acting Director of Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Gerasimenko Mikhail A., MD, Professor, Director of Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
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