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Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 5




EE Grodno State Medical University,
the Republic of Belarus

Objectives. To evaluate the effectiveness of the photodynamic therapy in the treatment of acute cholecystitis in experi-ment.
Methods. Acute phlegmonic cholecystitis was simulated in 18 laboratory animals (rabbits). Three groups were determined. In the 1st group (control one, 6 animals) an acute phlegmonic cholecystitis was modeled, treatment was not carried out. In the 2nd group (experimental one, 6 ani-mals) in two days after acute cholecystitis modeling, hlorophyllipt solution was injected into the gallbladder without consequent low-intensity laser radiation. In the 3rd group (experimental one, 6 animals) in two days after acute cholecystitis modeling, hlorophyllipt solution was injected into the gallbladder and in 10 minutes low-intensity laser radiation was applied. Clinical course was estimated, general and biochemical blood tests indexes as well as bacteriological, microscopic indexes of the gallbladder content were studied. Morphological analysis was carried out in case of animals death in the control group and in case of excluding from the experiment in the experimental groups.
Results. A severe form of acute phlegmonic cholecystitis transforming into a destructive one with a widespread diffuse peritonitis was developing in animals, which was the cause of animals death in the control group of animals which hadnt been treated. In the experimental groups a positive dynamics was registered, which was most pronounced in the rabbits treated with photodynamic therapy (PDT): acute process was stopped faster in the gallbladder wall, there was no tendency of a chronic form development with sclerotic changes; in the laboratory data general and biochemical blood tests stabilization and decrease of bacterial and leukocytes contamination of the bile was faster than in the group without PDT.
Conclusions. Application of local intravesical photodynamic therapy of acute phlegmonic cholecystitis results in the marked relief of the inflammatory process in the gallbladder of rabbits and prevents its transition into destructive and chronic forms.

Keywords: acute cholecystitis, photodynamic therapy, Chlorophyllipt
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Information about the authors:
Dziashuk A.N. Post-Graduate Student of the Department of General Surgery of EE "Grodno State Medical University."
Garelik P.V. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of General Surgery of EE "Grodno State Medical University."
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