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Analytical review of the scientific literature concerning the perioperative care of patients undergoing colonic resection with primary anastomosis application is presented in the article. Traditional perioperative care is associated with high postoperative complication rate and prolonged hospital stay. The approach introduction of an alternative, based on the principles of fast-track surgery when conducting the perioperative period has been expanded recently. The history of elaboration, basic elements and positive effects of fast-track surgery are described.
Advantages of the given approach permitting earlier terms of recovery, reduction of postoperative complications, length of hospital stay and treatment costs are highlighted. Basic tendencies of the program are absence of the mechanical bowel preparation and restriction of the prolonged preoperative starving before surgery, epidural anesthesia, intraoperative fluid management, avoidance of intra-abdominal drains, early enteral nutrition and active mobilization in the postoperative period.
However, the role of some elements of the program, such as prolonged epidural anesthesia, terms and quality of early enteral nutrition, abdominal cavity drainage are still debatable and evidence-based indications and terms of use require further study.

Keywords: colonic resection, postoperative care, fast track surgery, postoperative complications
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