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Научно-практическая конференция с международным участием и
XXVIII Пленум Правления Белорусской ассоциации хирургов
«Актуальные вопросы и современные подходы в оказании
хирургической помощи в Республике Беларусь»
18-19 ноября 2021 года в г. Минск.

Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 5




State Geriatric Center, Netanya, Israel

We present the case of the severe irritable bowel syndrome in a 76 year old woman. Chronic constipation and abdominal pain grew with time, and there was no relief in response to medication, diet, and psychotherapy. Severe spasm of the left part of the colon was found on barium enema. Laxatives didn’t help, and most of them even increased the severity of pain. Some relieve appeared only after a bowel movement after an enema. The procedure of purgation has taken up to 5 hours recently; and if there was no any effect the patient had to call for emergent hospital aid. The patient has lost 18 kg due to constrained dietary restriction. Quality of life has dramatically improved after the colostomy of the right transverse colon. The intensity and frequency of the pain syndrome decreased significantly. During the first 6 months after the surgery the patient regained 3 kg.
The described observation shows appropriateness of the surgical treatment in cases of severe irritable bowel syndrome which can’t be treated by means of conservative therapy. To solve the problem of the place of fecal fistula application, X-ray examination with the contrast substance is advisable to plan the operation proximal to the spastic site.

Keywords: irritable bowel syndrome, treatment, surgery, colostomy
p. 123 - 127 of the original issue

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42202, Israel, Natanya Amnin ve-Tamar, 1/2, State Geriatric Center,
Levin Michael Davidovich
Information about the authors:
Levin M.D. MD, Radiologist of State Geriatric Center of Netanya
Korshun Z. Head of the Geriatric Department of State Geriatric Center of Netanya
Mendelson G. Head of the Geriatric Department, Head Doctor of the Hospital of State Geriatric Center of Netanya
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