Year 2014 Vol. 22 No 1

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S.A. Sushkou, Y.S. Nebylitsin
Surgery on the Belarusian lands during the feudal period
EE Vitebsk State Medical University
The Republic of Belarus
p. 5 17 of the original issue


E. Matevossian, I. Snopok, Anne-K von Thade, G. Babaryka, D. Doll
Liver transplantation in a rat: a description of experimental trials, surgical technique and function of transplant
The hospital Rechts der Isar, Munich Technical University1, Munich, Germany
Transplantation Center Munich, the hospital Rechts der Isar, Munich Technical University 2, Munich, Germany
St. Lukas Hospital 3, Solingen, Germany
Center for Preclinical Research, the hospital Rechts der Isar, Munich Technical University 4, Munich, Germany
Institute of General Pathology and Pathological Anatomy, the hospital Rechts der Isar of Munich Technical University, Munich 5, Germany
Catholic hospital Oldenburger Munsterland, St. Mary's Hospital 6, Vechta, Germany
p. 18 25 of the original issue

I.V. Maiborodin, I.V. Kuznetsova, E.A. Beregovoy, A.I. Shevela, V.I. Maiborodina, A.A. Manaev, M.I. Barannick
Absence of complete resorption of polylactide material in the organism
Center of New Medical Technologies of the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of SB RAS, Novosibirsk,
The Russian Federation
p. 26 32 of the original issue


A.A. Ziankou, U.P. Ostrovskij, K.S. Vuhristenko, N.G. Lojko
Comparative analysis of the results of minimally invasive myocardial revascularization and coronary artery bypass grafting on the beating heart and with artificial blood circulation
EE Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital 1,
EE Vitebsk State Medical University 2,
SE RSPC Cardiology 3,
SEE Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education4,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 33 43 of the original issue

O.S. Olifirova, N.N. Trynov, S.V. Knalyan, L.K. Reshetnicova, M.A. Shtarberg, N.I. Proclova
Postoperative hypothyroidism: some clinical and humoral aspects
SBEE HPE Amur State Medical Academy,
The Russian Federation
p. 44 -50 of the original issue

V.I. Belokonev, S.Y. Pushkin, .S. Benyan, I.R. Kamev, M.P. Ayrapetova
The peculiarities of diagnostics and treatment of patients with esophageal trauma caused by metallic devices for cervical spine fixation
SBEE HPE Samara State Medical University1,
SBME SO Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after M.I. Kalinin 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 51 -57 of the original issue

Y.S. Vinnik, S.S. Dunaevskaya, D.A. Antufrieva
Possibility of the current methods of visualization at severe acute pancreatitis
SBEE HPE Krasnoyarsk State Medical
University named after prof. V.F.
The Russian Federation
p. 58 62 of the original issue

V.N. Chernov, B.M. Belik, A.Z. Alibekov
Treatment of the infected forms of acute destructive pancreatitis using minimally invasive technologies
SBEE HPE Rostov State Medical University,
The Russian Federation
p. 63 67 of the original issue


A.E. Shcherba, S.V. Korotkov, O.A. Lebedz, M.M. Sauchuk, .M. Dzyadzko, .F. Minou, E.O. Santocky, .O. Rummo
Experimental hypothermic machine perfusion of liver grafts by Custodiol HTK solution
Republican Scientific and Practical Center Organs and Tissues Transplantation,
ME The 9th City Clinical Hospital, Minsk 1,
SEE Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education 2,
ME City Clinical Pathoanatomical Bureau, Minsk3,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 75 82 of the original issue


A.N. Razin, B.N. Zhukov, A.A. Chernov, S.E. Katorkin
The method of operative treatment of patients with extrasphincteric pararectal fistulas
SBEE HPE Samara State Medical University,
The Russian Federation
p. 83 88 of the original issue


R.R. Kasimov, A.S. Muchin, D.A. Elfimov, L.V. Sokolov
Medical and diagnostic algorithm in military personnel with acute appendicitis
Bureau 5 of FSOI 1586 Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Nizhny Novgorod Garrison Military Hospital1,
SBEE HPE Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 89 95 of the original issue


A.A. Litvin, V.A. Litvin
Clinical decision support systems for surgery
E Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital1,
EE Gomel State Medical University2, Gomel
Belarusian State University3, Minsk, Belarus
p. 96 100 of the original issue


V.B. Bogdanovich, N.G. Shebushev, V.V. Anichkin, V.V. Martinuck
Hydatid cyst of the left adrenal gland: difficulties of preoperative diagnostics and surgical treatment
EE Gomel State Medical University,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 101 105 of the original issue


S.Y. Ivanusa, A.V. Kochetkov, A.V. Khokhlov, S.A. Povzun, M.G. Kobiashvili, D.Y. Boyarinov, O.V. Shushakova, I.A. Samusenko, V.L. Belevich
Diagnosis and treatment of the complicated forms of reflux-esophagitis
FSOEE HPE Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov 1, MD RF, St. Petersburg,
FSBE All-Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine name after A.M. Nikiforov, MES of Russia2, St. Petersburg,
SBME SRI of Emergency Care named after I.I. Dzhanelidze MH of RF3, St. Petersburg,
SBEE HPE North-West State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov MH RF4, St. Petersburg,
The Russian Federation
p. 106 113 of the original issue



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