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Objectives. To estimate the incidence and factors influencing hypothyroidism development after hemithyroidectomy.
Methods. A retrospective review of 251 patients in the nearest postoperative period who underwent hemithyroidectomy was performed. The incidence of postoperative hypothyroidism was based on thyrotropin values and clinical symptoms. The relationship between hypothyroidism, age and the character of thyroid pathology was investigated using correlation analysis.
Results. 37 of 214 patients (17%) became biochemically hypothyroid postoperatively. 163 patients (76%) became euthyroid without intervention or with low doses of thyroxine. More often postoperative hypoparathyroidism developed at patients with autoimmune thyroiditis. Thus the correlation analysis has shown the inverse relationship serum SH from the age of patients.
Conclusions. A minority of patients become hypothyroid after hemithyroidectomy. Some patients with biochemical hypothyroidism will become euthyroid without intervention. Development of postoperative hypothyroidism is influenced by the age of patients and in a greater degree by the inflammatory character of the thyroid gland pathology.

Keywords: hypothyroidism, hemithyroidectomy, thyroiditis, surgery
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