Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 1




EE Gomel State Medical University,
the Republic of Belarus

Different variants of surgical tactics at suppuration of the vascular prosthesis are described in the review. Basic variants of surgical tactics such as extraanatomic bypass, vascular prosthesis regrafting, appliance of allograft and femoral vein are proposed. Pros and cons of each method are shown. Comparative analysis of the performed techniques was performed. Indications and contraindications for each method are determined. Situations suitable for attempt of conservative treatment of infected prosthesis and regrafting by vascular prosthesis are described. Possible ways of prevention of the vascular prosthesis contamination are described in details. Different approaches to the antibiotics prevention of the infectious complications are listed. Step-by-step development of the prevention methods of the infectious complications is carried out.

Keywords: prosthesis infection, extraanatomic bypass, femoral vein, allograft, artificial prosthesis
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