Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 1




EE Vitebsk State Medical University,
the Republic of Belarus

The case of carrying out the operation using vascularized bone grafts for plastic of the lower jaw postoperative defects is described. Partial resection of the lower jaw with the formation of the vascular microanastomosis was performed in the patient with the diagnosis of the mandibular osteoblastoclastoma. At the same time the method of double revascularization of autograft from the basin of a.facialis was applied. There were no postoperative complications; this fact testifies to efficacy of the given operation and possibility of its introduction to practice.

Keywords: osteoblastoclastoma, lower jaw resection, autograft, double revascularization
p. 127 - 129 of the original issue

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Kabanova Arina Aleksandrovna
Information about the authors:
Kabanova S.A. Candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the chair of pediatric dentistry and maxillofacial surgery of EE Vitebsk State Medical University.
Chernina T.N. Senior lecturer of the chair of pediatric dentistry and maxillofacial surgery of EE Vitebsk State Medical University.
Kabanova A.A. Senior lecturer of the chair of pediatric dentistry. and maxillofacial surgery of EE Vitebsk State Medical University.
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