Year 2021 Vol. 29 No 3




Saratov State Medical University named after V.I.Razumovsky, Saratov,
The Russian Federation

Atherosclerosis of lower-extremity arterial disease is a common pathology in diabetes mellitus, contributing to the development of ischemic and neuroischemic forms of diabetic foot syndrome. Early diagnosis of vascular lesions helps to reduce the number of cardiovascular complications, performed amputations and improves the quality of life in these patients.The review presents the current arsenal of modern comprehensive examinations of patients with diabetic foot syndrome, including clinical and functional screening, non-invasive and invasive methods of radiological diagnosis, as well as specific assessment scales and new classifications that allow detailing and systematizing trophic foot changes with the ability to predict the course of the pathological process occurring at sites. The using of open revascularization methods helps to achieve the healing of diabetic ulcers in a large percentage of cases, but the point is the problems associated with the localization of the lesion, the choice of conduit for bypass surgery and technical aspects significantly limit the possibilities of this treatment method. Recent technological advances in the development of endovascular surgery have expanded the indications for successful revascularization. The article highlights the results of shunting and endovascular methods in the treatment of atherosclerotic process in infrainguinal area in patients with diabetic foot syndrome.

Keywords: atherosclerosis, arteries of the lower limbs, diabetic foot syndrome, diabetes mellitus, revascularization
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Kulikova Alla N., MD, Professor of the Hospital Surgery Department of the Medical Faculty, Saratov State Medical University Named after V.I.Razumovsky of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Saratov, Russian Federation.
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