Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 1




SE Institute of General and Emergency Surgery of AMSU 1, Kharkov,
the Ukraine
Azerbaijan Medical University2, Baku,
the Republic of Azerbaijan

Objectives. To study the ferroproteins level in the blood plasma and peritoneal exudate in patients with the widespread peritonitis and possibility of their application as clinical-diagnostic and prognostic marker of acute inflammation.
Methods. 60 patients with the widespread peritonitis were investigated. LF and FR content in the blood plasma and peritoneal exudates was determined by ELISA in dynamics before the operation and 1, 3, 5, 7 days after the operation. Severity of patients state was determined by means of Manheim peritoneal index: in 17 patients it was MPI I, in 23 patients - MPI II, in 20 patients - MPI III. Complex conventional treatment was carried out in all patients including surgical sanitation and drainage of the abdominal cavity, decompression of the gastrointestinal tract and conservative therapy. 15 practically healthy subjects were included into the control group.
Results. Distinct dependence of LF and FR concentration in the blood plasma and exudate was established depending on the severity degree of the patients with the widespread peritonitis according to MPI. Complete level correlation of both ferroproteins in the plasma with their level in the separated exudate along the drainages was revealed.
Conclusions. Determination of lactoferrin and ferritin in biological media in patients with the widespread peritonitis can be used as biomarkers of inflammatory process intensiveness as well as to evaluate severity of ones state and adequacy of treatment.

Keywords: peritonitis,ferroproteins, lactoferrin, ferritin
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Hadjiyev Novruz Dzhabbar ogly
Information about the authors:
Sushkov S.V. Doctor of medical sciences, professor, vice-rector on scientific work of SE Institute of general and urgent surgery of AMS of the Ukraine.
Nasirov M.YA. Doctor of medical sciences, Honored scientist, professor of the chair of surgical diseases, vice-rector of Azerbaijan Medical University.
HadjiyeV H.J.Candidate of medical sciences, senior laboratory assistant of the chair of surgical diseases of Azerbaijan Medical University, applicant for Doctors degree of SE Institute of general and urgent surgery of AMS of the Ukraine.
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